Metroid Dread – Nintendo Switch

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Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch (HAC-AYL8A-USA)

Product Description:

Embark on an exhilarating odyssey with Samus Aran in the long-awaited Metroid Dread – an enthralling addition to the legendary Metroid series. This exceptional 2D adventure redefines gaming narratives, marking 19 years since the last captivating Metroid story.

Immerse yourself in the unexplored landscapes of planet ZDR, investigating a cryptic transmission that lures you into a web of mystery and suspense. Within these terrains, encounter the menacing E.M.M.I. robots – formidable adversaries that heighten the thrill with their relentless pursuit.

Throughout the quest, witness Samus Aran’s evolution as her prowess amplifies with each acquired maneuver and newly unlocked ability. Notably, the groundbreaking Spider Magnet empowers players, adding a new dimension to gameplay dynamics.

But the journey doesn’t conclude at first glance. As you harness newfound strengths, revisit previous locales to unveil hidden pathways and unearth concealed secrets. The meticulously designed world of Metroid Dread teems with possibilities, rewarding exploration and perseverance.

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