Gaming Headset Vertux Malaga Wired (Blue)

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  • ?XBOX, PC ,Sony PS4 and Smartphones.
  • Pro-Gaming Environment with Malaga.

Out of stock

SKU: VT-HS-MALAGA-BLU-006 Categories: , ,


Hear the unheard details with this premium headset boasting powerful 40mm speaker drivers for a perfect competitive gaming experience. The gaming headset creates realistic audio depth and lets you chat with your teammates with utmost clarity, killing background disturbance. Malaga also features in-line controls boasting a volume controller and microphone on/off button. The headset is designed to last long as it sports a steel-reinforced adjustable headband, which also lightens the overall weight of the headset. With padded earmuffs and headbands, you get to play games for a long without stress.


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