Best External Gaming SSDs in 2024 For UAE Gamers

best external ssd for gaming

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STOP! using those old-style HDDs with metal platters to spin up and read/write heads that need to travel to a specific point on a platter to find the file you may need, instead, welcome to the world of external portable SSDs in your collections of PC components because SSDs come with 10 times faster speed than portable hard drives. Nowadays, SSDs are smaller, slimmer, and more drop-proof than the ancient HDDs could ever be. Let’s delve into further details of portable External SSDs, their performance, features, and prices that may suit every pocket.


  • Our top recommendations of External SSDs to use in 2024
  • Factors to consider when buying external SSDs
  • Price Comparison of HDDs and SSDs
  • How to know which External SSD is the best?

Our Top 10 Recommendations of External SSDs

1. Crucial X9 Pro (Best External SSD Overall | AED 900 – 2000)

The tiny Crucial X9 Pro comes with storage capacities reaching an impressive 4TB perfect for anyone seeking ample space for data and games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare taking up over 200GB by themselves. The X9 Pro’s 256-bit AES encryption ensures that your data remains secure from any digital threats. Although an adapter is required for connection to a USB-A port, the X9 Pro is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface and guarantees near-universal compatibility with any computer that possesses a USB port. As for durability, this SSD boasts basic ruggedization features that ensure its protection against accidental drops and various environmental factors, making it an ideal companion for your travels.


  • Capacities: Up to 4TB
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 1,050MB/s
  • Warranty: 5 years
Lightweight and tinyLacks USB-C-to-A cable or adapter 
10 benchmark score
256-bit AES hardware-based encryption
Drop-proof up to 7.5 feet
IP55-rated for dust and water resistance
Five-year warranty

2. WD Black P50 Game Drive SSD (Best External SSD for Gamers | AED 1000 – 3000)

Here comes a blistering fast WD Black P50 Game Drive SSD with 2,000MBps read speed which is fast enough to supplement the primary storage of your gaming PC. It comes with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface USB Type-C and USB Type-A cables, helping it to deliver unmatched speed. Although it’s bulkier than any other portable SSDs but is relatively fast enough to ignore its bulkiness.


  • Capacities: Available in capacities up to 4TB
  • Type of SSD: External solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 2000 MB/s
  • Warranty: 5 Years Warranty
USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 support offers blazing speedsExpensive
Durable, shock-resistant enclosureBulky
Five-year warranty
Separate USB Type-C and Type-A cables included

3. Lexar SL660 Blaze Game Portable SSD (AED 800 – 3000)

Get your hands on Lexar SL660 Blaze Game Portable SSD which comes with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, 256-bit AES hardware encryption and 5 years of warranty, offering ultimate speed, security and peace of mind. And that’s not it! Lexar SL660 Blaze Game Portable SSD has an eye-catching removable stand, protective pouch, and stylish RGB lighting that adds flair to your gaming setup.


  • Capacities: Available in two sizes – 512GB and 1TB.
  • Type of SSD: External solid-state drive (SSD).
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2.
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 2000 MB/s.
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty.
USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 supportTop capacity is just 1TB
256-bit AES hardware encryption
Sturdy aluminium frame, detachable stand, and carrying pouch
Strong benchmark 10 Storage score
RGB lighting

4. WD Black D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD (Best External SSD with Docking Features for Gamers | AED 2000 – 8000)

WD Black D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD provides up to 2TB of high-speed storage and a wide range of ports including; two USB 3.2 Type-C ports (one at the front and one at the rear), three USB 3.2 Type-A ports (one at the front and two at the rear), a front audio jack, two Thunderbolt 3 ports (one with 87 watts of USB power delivery), an Ethernet jack, and a DisplayPort 1.4 video output. Additionally, it has a compact 4.7-inch-square footprint and shares the sleek black shipping container design with a great combination of RGB lights.


  • Capacities: 1TB and 2TB
  • Type of SSD: NVMe
  • Transfer Protocol: Thunderbolt 3Sequential Reads: 3000 MBps
  • Warranty: 5 years 
Bristling with portsExpensive
Up to 2TB capacityNo HDMI port
Fast sequential reads and writes
Provides up to 87-watt power delivery
RGB lighting

5. LaCie Rugged SSD Pro (Best Rugged External SSD|AED 1000 – 3500)

The LaCie Rugged SSD Pro is designed to cater to the needs of gamers who travel a lot or videographers who frequently shoot outdoors, particularly those having Thunderbolt ports. It offers a remarkable combination of speed and sturdiness with the Seagate FireCuda NVMe solid-state drive. The SSD comes encased in a silicone-wrapped, crush-resistant aluminium case with an impressive IP67 ruggedness rating, making it dust-tight and capable of surviving in shallow water for up to 30 minutes.


  • Capacities: Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD (Seagate FireCuda 510).
  • Transfer Protocol: Thunderbolt 3.
  • Sequential Reads: 2880 MBps
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty 
Top-tier speedShort Cable
Works with USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 ports
Extreme ruggedness against dust, water, drops, and crush pressure

6. Crucial X8 (Best Budget External SSD | AED 600 – 1000)

Crucial X8 is quite a handy and easily affordable option for anyone. While it may not boast ruggedized features like waterproof or dustproof capabilities, it does offer impressive durability. You can rest assured that even if you accidentally drop it from a height of 7.5 feet onto a floor (carpeted), it will remain unharmed. With the ability to withstand a shock of 1,500 Gs, the Crucial X8 ensures the safety of your data.


  • Capacities: Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD (Silicon Motion SM2263 controller and Micron 64L QLC NAND).
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB-C).
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 1,050 MB/s.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty.
Small and sturdyNo activity light
Stylish all-metal chassis with rubberised endsNo backup utility
Solid performance
A USB-C cable and USB-C-to-USB-A adapter are included
Compatible with a wide range of devices

7. Samsung Portable SSD T9 (Best External SSD for Macs|AED 800 – 1200)

Samsung Portable SSD T9 is an exceptional external SSD that offers impressive performance. It is available in capacities up to 4TB and features a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, which delivers blazing-fast speeds, especially when used with a computer that supports this standard. With its advanced thermal solution, the T9 Portable SSD stays cool even during heavy use, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, the T9 Portable SSD is supported by the Samsung Magician Software, which ensures optimal performance, provides firmware updates, and offers extra encryption and drive health monitoring.


  • Capacities: Available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD.
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps).
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 2,000 MB/s.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5-year warranty.
Exceptional speed over USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20Gbps) connectionsA bit pricey
Comes in capacities up to 4TB
Supports 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption
Certified drop-proof
Includes useful Samsung Magician software

8. Samsung Shield Portable SSD T7 Touch (Best External SSD with Biometric Locking | AED 400 – 900)

The Samsung Shield Portable SSD T7 Touch is a top-of-the-line external solid-state drive that offers high performance and advanced security features. It features a built-in fingerprint sensor that allows you to secure your data with biometric authentication, providing an extra layer of protection for your files and ensuring that only authorised users can access the drive. It is designed to withstand tough conditions with an IP65 water and dust resistance rating, making it suitable for use in various environments. Measuring just 3.5 inches long, 2.3 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick, the T7 Touch is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever you go. Thus, it offers a reliable and convenient storage solution for gamers, content creators, and professionals who require fast and secure data storage on the go.


  • Capacities: Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD.
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2.
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 1,050 MB/s.
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty
Built-in fingerprint reader and LED status indicatorRelatively expensive.
Compact sizeRequires software for fingerprint unlocking on a PC or Mac
Fast performance
Available in capacities up to 2TB

9. Apricorn Aegis NVX SSD (Best External SSD for Max Data Security | AED 1000 – 2500)

The Apricorn Aegis NVX is widely recognized as one of the best external SSDs for maximum data security. It offers a combination of high-speed performance, robust encryption, and rugged design. The Aegis NVX utilises 256-bit AES XTS hardware encryption, ensuring that all data stored on the drive remains secure. The encryption is performed in real-time, protecting unauthorised access. The Aegis NVX supports USB 10Gbps data transfer speeds and is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Symbian, and Chrome. It can be used with devices that have a powered USB port and storage file system, even in the absence of a computer keyboard.


  • Capacities: Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD.
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.0.
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 1000MB/s.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty.
Fast for a hyper-secure driveRelatively high cost per gigabyte
Chock-full of security featuresNot yet FIPS 140-3 validated
Shockproof and crush-proof
Impervious to dust or water with an IP67 rating

Kingston XS2000 External Solid State Drive 1000GB (SSD) , USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 Portable Drive | SXS2000/1000G

AED 577.50

Includes rubber sleeve and USB-C cable USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Up to 2000MB/s read, 2000MB/s write Part Number: SXS2000/1000G Capacity 1000GB

In stock

SKU: SXS2000/1000G

10. Kingston XS2000 Portable SSD (Best Small sized External SSD | AED 700 – 900)

The Kingston XS2000 Portable SSD is a highly regarded external solid-state drive known for its small size and excellent performance. It utilises USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 speeds, delivering lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. This allows for quick file transfers and enhanced productivity. It comes in various storage capacities, ranging from 500GB to 2TB, providing ample space for storing high-resolution images, 8K videos, and large documents. You can easily fit it in your pocket or bag, making it convenient to carry around. The XS2000 is compatible with most devices out of the box. It connects via USB Type-C, allowing content creators and users to access their data on both PCs and mobile devices.


  • Capacities: Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
  • Type of SSD: NVMe SSD (SMI 2320 controller and Micron 96L TLC).
  • Transfer Protocol: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2.
  • Sequential Reads: Up to 2,000MB/s.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty.
Highly portableRequires uncommon USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port for peak speeds
Semi-ruggedized, with durability featuresLacks SSD management software and hardware-based encryption
Good scores in our performance benchmarksSequential write speeds are a bit below their rating
Capable of high speeds with the proper hardware
Available in capacities up to 2TB

Buying Guide: Factors to consider when buying external SSDs In UAE

Before we discuss buying factors, We would like to inform you WHY you should buy an SSD instead of an HDD and even if you are already using an HDD then why you should shift to an SSD. Well, the simplest answer is that SSDs ensure your data safety no matter WHERE and in WHAT environmental conditions you are in. Although SSDs are relatively on the expensive side yet they are portable, more rugged and provide faster data transfer, unlike HDDs. Now let’s get straight into the buying guide:

When buying external SSDs, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:


Look for an external SSD with fast transfer speeds to ensure quick file transfers and smooth performance. Consider the interface type (e.g., USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, Thunderbolt) and the read/write speeds of the SSD.

Storage Capacity: 

Determine the storage capacity you require based on your needs. Consider the size of the files you’ll be storing, such as games, videos, or large documents. External SSDs are available in various capacities, so choose one that provides enough space for your data


If you need to carry your external SSD with you frequently, consider its size, weight, and durability. Look for compact and lightweight options that are designed to withstand shocks, water, and dust.

Data Security: 

If data security is a priority, consider external SSDs with built-in encryption features. Look for models that offer hardware-based encryption or password protection to keep your data safe.


Ensure that the external SSD is compatible with your devices. Check the supported operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.) and the interface compatibility (USB, Thunderbolt) to ensure correct connectivity.


Consider your budget and compare prices among different external SSD models. SSD prices have become more affordable over time, but higher capacities and advanced features may come at a higher cost. 

Factors Rising Price of SSDs over HDDs:

The price of an SSD may vary depending upon several factors. Generally, SSDs have a higher cost per gigabyte compared to HDDs, especially when it comes to larger storage capacities. HDDs offer a more cost-effective solution for high-capacity storage needs, making them a preferred choice for users who require large amounts of storage at a lower price point

SSDs use flash memory technology, which is generally more expensive to produce compared to the magnetic platters used in HDDs. The cost of manufacturing SSDs, including the production of NAND flash memory chips and controllers, can impact their price.

SSDs offer significantly faster read and write speeds compared to HDDs. The advanced technology and faster performance of SSDs contribute to their higher price. If speed and performance are crucial for your needs, investing in an SSD may be worth the higher cost.

SSDs consume less power compared to HDDs, making them more energy-efficient. This can be an important factor for portable devices and laptops where battery life is a concern. The energy-efficient design of SSDs may contribute to their higher price.

SSDs have no moving parts, making them more resistant to physical damage caused by drops or vibrations. They are also less prone to mechanical failures compared to HDDs. The increased durability and reliability of SSDs can contribute to their higher price.

How to know which External SSD is the best?

It really depends upon the fact, Which type of device you are using OR whether it contains the right kind of port or not For instance; nowadays all portable external SSDs connect to two types of ports including; a USB port, or a Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port. Forget about that old USB 2.0 port which had 60MBps theoretical bandwidth only because today’s SSDs come with either USB 3.0 (640MBps/5GBPS (Gigabits per second)) or USB 3.1 Gen 1 or SuperSpeed USB 5GBps. All of these are the same but with different names (so don’t get confused when looking for the name of the port). If you get to see an SSD saying any of the previously mentioned names in its connectables, now you know which SSD you should buy. 

Coming to the faster version, SSDs also come with a port that is connectable with either “USB 3.1 Gen 2” OR “SuperSpeed USB 10GBps”, both have a bandwidth of 10GBps, meaning it is 2 times faster than its previous version. If your device contains any of the above-mentioned USB ports you can always pick the right SSD with relative port connections.

Now if we are done with 2 types of USB (3.0 / 3.1-Gen 1 TO 3.1-Gen 2), the question arises if you can connect your SSD with a Thunderbolt 3 and 4 interface or not. Let’s find out! Thunderbolts are a new technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data through one single port. Most of the latest MACs come with Thunderbolts, therefore it is necessary for you to check if you have a Thunderbolt drive or not if “YES” then you can simply buy an SSD with a Thunderbolt port otherwise you can stick to the USB port connections.   

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