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Gamers Tycoon Technology L.L.C is also Known as (DxbGamers.com) was set up in the United Arab Emirates to become the largest online sales site for computer parts, game parts, and other IT-related products in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC. With dxbgamers.com, you can shop online for all types of computer parts and peripherals, and have them delivered to your home or office with our express delivery options

DXB Gamers was created in the United Arab Emirates to become the best destination for computer fans and offers the best-customized gaming systems. We are the number one distributor of computers in Dubai and across the UAE and the Middle East. Our product range consists of Desktop systems and components, gaming devices, laptops, network products, printers and ink supplies, projectors, PSDs, desktop supplies, and other electronic devices.

Apart from the online store Dxbgamers.com, we also have physical stores – in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We anticipate having more physical stores across the GCC over the next several years.

With dxbgamers.com, you can purchase all types of computer components and peripherals online and have them delivered to your home or office with our express delivery options. We ship throughout the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, and around the world. We process all shipments very carefully to ensure that you receive your order intact.

Dxb Gamers uses several convenient payment options to simplify payments for our clients.

Dxb Gamers offers customized game PC, build service. According to your budget, we can find a solution to build you the best PC possible for home and office use, Games, or Video Editing with your preferred components. We use high-quality components, carefully assembled to outperform the competition. At Dxb Gamers, we test every inch of the computer to ensure it meets the best standards before delivering it to our customers.

Our staff is a computer expert (and some players too) and will be ready to assist you with your PC technical requests and provide you with the best possible support.

Dxb Gamers also provides troubleshooting and repair services for desktop, laptop, and Mac computers. We provide an efficient and quality service that our customers expect.

Our team members are spread across the region to support all Dxb Gamers users anywhere and work hard to make your online shopping experience better. In the growing number of computer shops and online shops that are continually on the rise, Dxb Gamers’ commitment to serving quality service to customers is certainly commendable which we set our standards for others to follow. This is in addition to giving you a recommendation of choice of top-of-the-line and enthusiastic hardware, of course.


  • Long-term relationship.
  • Develop rapid decision-making and response-oriented management.
  • Keep up with market developments and identify business opportunities.
  • Employ the most dedicated and committed individuals to work together and deliver using information technology.
  • Put all employees, managers, suppliers, and customers on the same platform.
  • Ensure financial integrity and discipline 24/7.




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FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS for all Customers who buy any products more than 5000 AED and for more information click here

100% money back guarantee.

If your item is defective or in bad condition due to a defect in the product or if it does not function as intended, you can always return it. You can walk into any DXB GAMERS store with the invoice Read more

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Taha Bin NaeemDigital Marketer - DXB GAMERS

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RyssaCustomer - DXB GAMERS

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