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PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller’s

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Gaming Laptops

  • Find the Latest Processors
  • ASUS GeForce Dual RTX 2060OC 6GB EVO GDDR6 NVIDIA Graphics Card Find Suitable GPU for your needs
  • Asus Prime Z590(LGA 1200) ATX motherboard with PCIe Find Ideal Motherboard for your PC

Dominate with the the Best!

Powered by ASUS is for those who accept only perfection.


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Hurry and get discounts on all Apple devices up to 20%

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DXB Gamers is One stop solution for all your gaming PC and related needs

Gaming PCs are preferred over non-gaming PCs for gaming in Dubai. However, the practice of gaming is not entirely enjoyable if gamers do not have a sufficient gaming PC to play their favourite games. Therefore, gamers in Dubai must have a powerful gaming PC that can run their favourite games at an acceptable frame rate. Gaming PCs can be expensive and require significant expertise to build, so gamers must purchase best gaming PCs through online retailers or local computer stores.

They must also have all necessary technical knowledge to install and configure their gaming PC properly. Additionally, local hardware stores usually carry lower-end computers that are suitable for non-gamers. Therefore, non-gamers can choose cheaper options without compromising on performance or system specifications. Since there are several different types of gaming computers on the market, gamers should conduct research before making their purchase decisions.

Too complicated right? No Worries!

This is how DXB Gamers solves your Gaming PC hurdles.

  1. We have built best custom gaming pc which run games easily.
  2. Find out best budget gaming pc with optimum specifications.
  3. We help you build and assemble your dream gaming pc.
Do You want to build Your own Gaming PC?

Check out our gaming pc builder.

Our Best Custom Gaming PCs, for beginners to advance gamers, you can choose from:

  1. ZOE Gaming PC 
  2. Jax Gaming PC
  3. Caithlyn Gaming PC
  4. Master YI Gaming Pc
  5. JAX Custom

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